LGT Venture Philanthropy Impact Fellowship

LGT Impact Fellowship Program offers experienced business professionals the opportunity to apply their skills to create positive impact with leading social businesses around the world.

Fellows work on the ground with for-profit companies or non-profit organizations from our global portfolios with the aim to strengthen their organizational capacity, thus contributing to their success. This engagement allows Fellows to gain valuable hands-on experience and learn lessons in the field. The Fellowship is part of LGT IV’s strategic investment support hence participants work closely with the teams at LGT IV and its stakeholders as well as tap into a global network of peer Fellows. This special setup enriches the experience and enables participants to enhance skills that are vital for the next stage of a purposeful career after the Fellowship.

Role of Fellows

Fellows take on distinct roles and responsibilities, commit to clear goals and report on the progress on a regular basis. They typically provide a professional capacity building service to increase the companies’ ability to grow their operations and scale their positive impact.

Fellows strengthen the capacity of social businesses by

  • sharing their professional experience
  • improving, establishing or implementing systems, processes and tools that are transferable to permanent staff
  • implementing corporate practices
  • training and coaching local teams

Fellows are not meant to replace the need for permanent hires, hence succession planning plays a key role in ensuring sustainability of their work.

Benefits for talents

During their engagements, Fellows undergo both personal and professional growth. They gain valuable hands-on experience in the field and further develop their business and leadership capacity whilst creating tangible positive impact with their professional skills. They distinguish themselves from others by being more aware of the problems and opportunities of disadvantaged people in developing or emerging countries. Inevitably, they become ambassadors for social and environmental change.

To ensure the optimal outcome of engagements, our team supports fellows with their know how, insights and experiences throughout their time in-the-field.

Matching and interviewing process

Once the application deadline is due, the Fellowship Program team carefully assesses the candidates’ applications against the specific profiles sought by participating organizations. Candidates who score the highest in matching the requested profiles are being shortlisted for the specific fellowship roles. The organizations then decide who they want to interview. The interview process aims at further determining whether the selected candidates’ interests, competencies and availability are compatible with the respective fellowship position.


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