Resolution Fellowships for Undergraduate Social Entrepreneurs

The Resolution Social Venture Challenge is a pathway to action for undergraduate social entrepreneurs. The Challenge allows attendees at host conferences to build teams and submit plans for ventures that will make a positive impact today. Resolution will provide Fellowships to select socially-responsible young leaders.

Resolution Fellowships include a full ecosystem of support for aspiring young social entrepreneurs:

  • Seed funding – a grant to kick start the social venture
  • Strong advisory support – each Fellow team is assigned a pair of Guides, providing dynamic, hands-on mentorship ranging from social venture advice to personal and professional development
  • Access to resources – a diverse array of trainings, materials, and professional services are available to help Fellows navigate the challenges of social entrepreneurship
  • Community –access to Resolution’s network of advisors, socially-responsible supporters, and an action-oriented peer group Resolution Fellows are working on all 6 inhabited continents in diverse, high-impact fields such as water, food, sustainable development, education, energy and the environment, health and wellness, equality and empowerment, and humanitarian aid.

How does it work?

  • Global Partnerships: We form close partnerships with youth conferences that serve broad communities of university students.
  • Resolution Social Venture Challenges: We invite you, the young leaders attending these host conferences, to propose impactful, socially-responsible projects (“Ventures”) in a multistage competition known as the Resolution Social Venture Challenge (“SVC”):
  • Venture proposal: Teams will sign-up and complete a multi-step proposal outlining the Venture implementation and sustainability. Resolution will review eligible submission and invite semifinalists (often everyone who complete a proposal) to participate in-person at the conference.
  • SVC Forum: At the conference, semifinalists will showcase their proposals. They will explain their Venture to conference attendees and judges in an informal, science fairlike setting.
  • SVC Finals: Forum judges will select teams to invite to present their Venture to a panel of judges. Presentations will be followed by question and answer sessions.

Visit website for  more information


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