Call for Proposals: The African Women Development Fund

AWDF invests in women’s rights organisations as leaders in advancing women’s rights, and as a core force for demanding accountability and respect, protection and fulfilment of rights for all women from duty bearers at all levels. We know that women’s organisations and movements not only keep gender equality on the agenda but also push for laws and policies to be comprehensive, progressive and inclusive of the concerns of diverse groups of women.

AWDF is one of four Women’s Funds from the Global South managing Leading from the South – a funding initiative created to resource women’s rights activism in the global South over 4 years. The fund was initiated with support from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of their commitment to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 5. It supports activism devised, implemented, and led by women’s rights organisations in the global South. The LFS fund is being implemented by four women’s funds: Three are Regional Funds: African Women’s Development Fund (Africa and the Middle East Region), Fondo Mujeres del Sur (Latin America and the Caribbean) and South Asia Women Fund (Asia); and one global fund AYNI – the Indigenous Women’s Fund.

AWDF is mandated to fund in all 54 African countries. Under the Leading from the South initiative AWDF has expanded its grantmaking mandate to include selected countries in the Middle East.

There are three different grant size categories: Yalla, Ananse and Pamoja.

To apply, download the relevant forms, guidelines, budget and financial management templates below:

Download LFS application guidelines here

Download Yalla application form here

Download Ananse application here

Download Pamoja Application here

Download Budget Template here

Download Financial Management Questionnaire Here

Visit webpage here and check out the FAQs




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