Call For Applications: USAID/NIGERIA Solicitation Grant For Conflict Mitigation And Reconciliation Activities-For Registered NGOs

Deadline is June 2, 2017 at 17:00/5:00 pm Nigeria local time.

USAID/Peace and Democratic Governance office is making a special call for the submission of applications related to Conflict Mitigation and Reconciliation. The objective of this APS is to make significant strides in the overall goal of conflict mitigation, peace, and reconciliation in selected eligible conflict-affected countries.

In addition, this APS seeks to contribute to USAID’s development objectives in an affected country or countries. “People-to- people” programs are one approach among many to conflict prevention, mitigation and management. While a diversity of programs and approaches may be considered people-to- people in nature, most entail bringing together representatives of conflict-affected groups to interact purposefully in a safe space. This type of work can address divisions within a community that may be rooted in-group differences such as ethnicity or religion, status, class, or political affiliation. People-to- people projects generally address patterns of prejudice and demonizing that reinforce the perceived differences between groups and hinder the development of relationships among parties to a conflict.

The aim is to create opportunities for a series of interactions between conflicting groups in the community or broader society to promote mutual understanding, trust, empathy, and resilient social ties.

This funding opportunity is intended to fund conflict mitigation programs with a people-to- people approach, and to derive lessons learned and best practices forfuture people-to- people programming.

Country Specific Nigeria

USAID/Nigeria welcomes applications that seek to reduce the risk of violent conflict by addressing root causes and supporting local efforts to foster inclusive dialogue and peacebuilding. Applications must incorporate a people-to- people approach and may focus on one or more of the following areas:

  • Enhancing the role of women and youth in peace-building and long-term conflict mitigation. Youth activities should address any of the seven Positive Youth Development Framework Domain’s (PYDs)
  • Incorporate analytical work to identify and address areas where emerging tensions may lead to conflict
  • Target farmer and pastoralist groups experiencing conflict or at risk for conflict. Activities may focus on dispute resolution or relationship/trust-building among communal groups as it pertains to access to pastures, land demarcation, cattle corridors, “indigene-settler” status issues, ineffective governance, and/or limited or no access to basic public service delivery (e.g. basic education, primary healthcare, water and land resource management).


USAID will not accept applications from individuals or for activities in the following states:Adamawa, Bauchi, Benue, Borno, Kaduna, Kano, Nasarawa, Plateau, or Yobe. All applicantsmust be legally recognized organizational entities under applicable law.

USAID/Nigeria will only consider applications involving partnerships between local organizations or local and international organizations that already have presence in country. These partnerships must include a deliberate effort to strengthen the organizational capacity of specific local civil society organizations to effectively serve as agents of change in the field of peace, reconciliation, and conflict mitigation. Merely proposing sub-awards to local organizations for the performance of specific tasks or activities without other dimensions of partnership is not adequate. Programs should focus on ensuring sustainability and must include significant community and/or local government buy-in and resources. Focus should be on a limited number of short- and medium-term interventions that are sequenced and build off one another.

Further,applications should clearly indicate the theories of change for how these interventions will mitigate long-term drivers of conflict and insecurity. Applicants should address the prevalence of gender-based violence as it relates to conflict dynamics (male and female), and promote women and youth participation in proposed activities (youth may include street children, Almajiri students, child beggars, abandoned/orphaned children and those from broken homes).

The Mission will only consider applicants that fully integrate the Do No Harm principles throughout the project design, including a qualified, diverse group of individuals with key leadership and project implementation roles, particularly women and youth.

Pre Application Conference

Pre-Application Conference USAID/Nigeria is planning to host a pre-application conference in April in Abuja. Applicants interested in attending are requested to send their information to

1. Name of Participants and organization (no more than two persons per institution)

2. NGO Registration Certificate

3. Questions/Clarifications required

USAID/Nigeria also encourages applicants to review the documents listed below to better understand the Mission’s priorities.

 The Development Response to Violent Extremism and Insurgency policy

 Do No Harm Framework

 Youth & Conflict Toolkit


 Women and Conflict Toolkit

 Theories and Indicators of Change Briefing Paper Paper.pdf

 People to People Peacebuilding


 Positive Youth Development Framework development-pyd- framework

 Other helpful documentation can be found here do/working-crises- and-conflict/technical- publications

Application Process

Applications must be submitted to the Mission Point of Contact:


Visit webpage here


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