Call for short-term Academic Staff – Pan African University – Institute of Water and Energy Sciences

Application Deadline: August 21st, 2017

The Pan African University (PAU) is a continental initiative of the African Union Commission (AUC) to develop higher education and research to practice in Africa. It is aiming to exemplify excellence, nurturing quality, enhance the attractiveness and global competitiveness of African higher education and research and establish an African University at the core of Africa’s development.

The Pan African University (PAU) Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (including Climate Change) (PAUWES) is PAUWES is the fourth institute that is operational alongside the Institute of Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences (PAUGHSS) at the University of Yaounde II in Cameroon; the Institute of Basic Sciences, Technology and Innovation (PAUSTI) at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya; and the Institute of Life and Earth Sciences (PAULESI) at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria.

Tasks and Responsibilities

In addition to teaching, all short-term position holders will also be required to:
► Write a detailed syllabus including the didactical approach (interactive learning) and practice’s relevance;
► Set and mark examinations in accordance with the Institute regulations and guidelines;
► Be available to interact with students also during breaks;
► Coordinate lab experiments with lab-lecturers from University of Tlemcen;
► Share all information regarding the course with those lecturers.
All practical works will be carried out by lecturers from the University of Tlemcen, the host of PAUWES

Required Qualifications and Experiences

Mandatory requirements for all short-term positions:

► PhD or at least an MA-degree and 5 years work experience in public, private or third sector.
► Excellent English language proficiency (C1 level)

Additional criteria are:

► Research project or consultancy expertise;
► Experience in industry, private sector or public sector;
► Academic and professional networks;
► Teaching experience with knowledge of interactive learning;
► International experience;
► Commitment to supporting the institutional and program development;
► Experience with promoting gender equality and diversity in the classroom is an asset;
► Knowledge of French would be an advantage.

How to Apply

Applications for academic staff positions should be sent to The Pan African University (PAU) Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (including Climate Change) at
Please submit (all documents as pdf format):
► Application letter:
► Stating your motivation
► Explaining your didactical approach ensuring insuring active learning and practice orientation
► Current curriculum vitae
► Making clear reference to advertised position (*)
► Indicating availability between October 2017 and June 2018 (flexibility is an asset)

(*): please, submit as many applications as positions you are interested in.
► Updated curriculum vitae:
► Personal details
► Education
► Professional experience
► Teaching experience (courses taught, level of courses) and didactical approach
► Number and themes of supervised Master and PhD students
► Proficiency of languages
► List of publications (major publications of last 5 years, books, patents)
► Research projects
► Consultancy projects and other assignments
► Prizes, grants, awards etc.
► Contact details of three referees

Application Deadline: August 21st, 2017

For more details on the PAUWES Institute, study programs and job opportunities, please see here.


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