Deadline for applications: 2 October 2017 (13.00 CET)

The University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study (USIAS) was created in 2012 to fund excellent, original research in all scientific domains and to serve as a place of intellectual innovation.

In order to realize this mission, USIAS welcomes excellent researchers from all countries and all disciplinary backgrounds in residence. Each year, the Institute selects 10-20 fellows for a period of between three months to two years.

Fellowships are available to both promising young scholars and excellent advanced researchers from outside of Strasbourg, wishing to carry out research in collaboration with researchers at the University of Strasbourg and/or to use a specific Strasbourg research facility.

In addition, excellent researchers already based at the University of Strasbourg wishing to work on particularly original research ideas, seeking to apply their knowledge and skills to new domains outside of their current field of work, are welcome to apply, especially when jointly with an external collaborator.

Applications should be written in English to enable international peer review. Eligible candidates should be at least at the level of assistant professor (or equivalent) or beyond.


  • Applications should present an original, ambitious, high quality research proposal, in terms of topic, methodology or perspective (interdisciplinary), with the potential to make an original contribution to a certain scientific field, or enable the emergence of a  new research field.
  • The fellowships are open to researchers in any field (life sciences, natural sciences and social sciences and humanities), with a doctorate or comparable degree currently employed at the level of at least a tenured assistant professor (or equivalent).
  • All applicants must provide evidence of excellence in accordance with their level of seniority.
  • Fellowships are granted for a period of minimum 3 and maximum 24 months, and are expected to start in the period 01/05/2018 – 01/12/2018.
  • Joint fellowships can be submitted, with a maximum of three applicants for any one project.
  • The budget will be need-based, taking into account  the differing requirements of different disciplines.
  • The upper limit is 200k€.

Read guidelines for application here.

Deadline for applications: 2 October 2017 (13.00 CET)

For more information, please contact Dr. Rifka Weehuizen, Managing Director at or visit the official website.


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