The Norbert Zongo investigative Journalism award 7th Edition

Deadline: August 30, 2017

The Norbert Zongo investigative prize is an award of excellence to reward the best works of investigative journalism.The Prize is opened to all the professional journalists of Africa regularly employed in press or collaborating with African press.


  • Works must be published or broadcast between May 3, 2015 and May 3, 2017
  • A declaration of candidature on a plain paper with a complete indication of the identity of the candidate (last name, first names, pseudonym) ;
  • A certificate of the media confirming his membership or his collaboration with the media which have published his work
  • A C.V of the candidate, bearing his photograph
  • A handwritten and signed declaration authorizing the Norbert Zongo National Press Center to use his name, his voice, his images and the whole of the work in case he is a winner, without any compensation and on all media supports, within the framework of publicity and public relations or information on the Prize.

The competition will be in three categories : News Papers, Radio and Television.

  1. Newspapers – send the original and a copy of the story.
  2. Television – send 2 DVD copies of the story or a file.
  3. Radio – send 2 audio CDs of the story or a file.

The winner of every category will receive a diploma, a trophy and One Million CFA francs (1.000.000 CFA).


- The professionalism of the author (through the respect of deontology) ;
- “search for information” strategies ;
- Relevance and originality of the covered subject ;
- Interest of topic approached (can it be exploited) ;
- Evidence of the difficulties encountered by the author (checking the various sources of information for reliability)
- The editorial style (concrete, lively and accessible to everyone)

Deadline: August 30, 2017

NB : The works in French or English can be sent by e-mail to or and originals by regular post, the postmark authentic.

For more information about the Norbert Zongo investigative prize, please visit the official website here.



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