EIEF Visiting Positions in Economics and Finance 2018

Deadline-June 30, 2018.

EIEF has available several visiting positions for young and established scholars in the 2018 – 2019 academic year (the whole year or a significant fraction of it).

Visitors are expected to contribute to the intellectual environment of the Institute and interact with other researchers; they may be asked to teach a short advanced course and to be available to talk to PhD students.

They also have a short term visiting program for scholars who can only spend shorter periods at the Institute. They will assist people with placement of children in appropriate schools and with search for housing, both short and long term.


  • Visitors are offered competitive fellowships that differ depending on qualifications and their availability to offer some teaching.
  • To know more about the program and the compensation for visitors please email or call either Luigi Guiso, (luigi.guiso@eief.it, phone: +39 338 4691688), Francesco Lippi (francesco.lippi@eief.it, phone:+39 06 4792 4836) or Daniele Terlizzese (daniele.terlizzese@eief.it, phone: +39 06 4792 4170).
  • Along with financial support, visitors will have access to the Institute research facilities, to ensure a comfortable and productive visit.

Application Process

  • Fill in the application form (Word file) and send it to applications@eief.it, specifying the time of the year you would be available.
  • Candidates must also copy and include with their candidature the full text of the disclaimer concerning the processing of personal data.
  •  Preference will be given to researchers willing to visit during the academic year (September-June) and willing to stay longer than one month.
  •  Applications should be received by June 30, 2018. Late applications will also be considered based on funds availability.

Visit webpage for more information here


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