Employment at UNICEF: Construction Engineer

Deadline: 20 May, 2018.

Job no: 512863
Work type: Temporary Appointment
Location: Nigeria
Categories: Supply/Logistics


Under the supervision of the Logistics Specialist and the Operations Manager, the Construction Officer will contribute and play a key role in the conception, planning and sourcing of the construction and/or rehabilitation projects for UNICEF Maiduguri Programme sections, mainly for Wash, Protection, Education, Health and to some extent Operations. She/he will be responsible for the monitoring of the construction projects implementation and will contribute to ensuring the overall efficiency and effectiveness of processes and activities undertaken to achieve timely delivery of infrastructures. She/he will furthermore provide technical assistance to the field office team, including inputs to the development of the construction strategies.


The main responsibilities of the Officer will include but not limited to the following:

  • Participates to the UNICEF construction projects, from their planning to their full implementation and coordinate all necessary meetings with requesting sections including provision of guidance, technical input etc. in regards to their needs.
  • Develops all required monitoring and supervision tools and conduct monitoring activities.
  • Responsible for the completeness and quality of the works performed by contractors and engineering consultancy companies’ in compliance with technical specifications and UNICEF quality standards.
  • Participates in the performance evaluation of construction service providers, contractors and implementing partners as well as government counterparts.
  • Prepares and develops all necessary technical documents required for bidding and solicitations including production of 3D design, drawings and plans, technical specifications, bill of quantities (BoQ) etc.
  • Conducts basic site and soil investigations and surveys and underline topographical features as may be required.
  • Assists in all tender exercises for the procurement of construction and consultancy services and participate in site visits and assessments.
  • Reviews the accuracy of technical aspects and cost estimates received as part of the proposals from potential contractors/suppliers/implementing partners/government counterparts.
  • Identifies risks and report them to the management and contribute to initiate corrective actions where necessary, so that maximum benefit to client and stakeholders is achieved.
  • Leads the preparation of interim – final projects and handover reports and maintain the relevant project records.
  • Reports on the progress of deliverables and works of contractors and service providers.
  • Assists the Logistics Specialist in coordinating with Operations and programmes required activities to ensure proper and timely actions from both, UNICEF’s and Governments side.
  • Reviews requests for payments from contractors and submit them to the Supervisor for certification along with the required documents.
  • Assists in the handing over of facilities to project beneficiaries.
  • Performs any other construction related activities as instructed by the Supervisor and the Management.

Minimum Qualifications and Competencies

  • Completion of a University degree (Bachelor or above) or relevant courses in Civil or Structural Engineering, Architecture or other relevant technical area.
  • Minimum 2 years of professional experience at national and/or international levels in the relevant field of civil engineering, especially in preparation of construction technical documentation;
  • Experience in working in complex environments and large infrastructure and/or civil works, particularly in the field of construction technical project documentation development as well as construction supervision;
  • Working experience in the area of preparation, implementation and monitoring of technical/ (re)construction projects; methodological and calculation skills;
  • Experience in technical design of high-rise structure is an asset;
  • Knowledge of the UN rules, procedures and regulations would be an asset.
  • Working experience in UN or other international development organization would be an asset.
  • Background/familiarity with an emergency would be an asset.
  • Ability to use construction related software, word processing and spreadsheet software.


Competency Profile

Core Values


Core Competencies  (Required) Functional Competencies (Required)

Applying Technical Expertise, Level 2


Diversity and Inclusion


Communication, Level 1

Drive for Result, Level 2

Working with People, Level 1

Analysing, Level 1
Learning and Researching, Level 1

Planning and Organizing, Level 2
Following Instructions and Procedures, Level 2



Deadline for application is May 20th, 2018

Visit webpage for more information here.


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