Scholarships for International PhD Programme in Criminology at Catholic University in Italy, 2018

Application Deadline: All year round

The vision of the International Ph.D. Programme in Criminology is to become the programme of choice for highly qualified students seeking an advanced research degree in Criminology. The Programme views interdisciplinary work and research as the core of its activity. Its aim is to promote innovative and dynamic thinking by blending theory and practice in the fields of criminology, criminal justice, and crime prevention.
The Ph.D. seeks to prepare graduates to meet traditional and emerging standards of excellence in criminology. This is achieved through a specially-designed training, research, and teaching programme. It is expected that graduates taking part in the Programme will pursue careers in academia, research, law enforcement, international organizations, industry, or consulting.

Admission & selections

It is possible to participate in an informal pre-application process at any moment of the year by sending an email to the Coordinator of the Ph.D. (Prof. Francesco Calderoni, and attaching an English CV. Afterwards, the candidate may be invited to submit a research proposal in English and to participate in a phone or Skype interview to discuss the proposal.


According to the Italian Ministry of Education, the amount of the base-level scholarship will be €15,343.28 gross per year.

Second and third year candidates, in addition to the scholarship, can receive a monthly net fee of approximately €200 calculated on the number of months they collaborate with Transcrime. This additional fee will be recalculated if the base-level scholarship, established in accordance with the law, is updated.

The base-level scholarship is increased by 50% for periods abroad. Starting from the second year, candidates will have a budget for research expenses in the amount of 10% of the annual base-level scholarship.

In order to favour the international scope of the Ph.D., the admitted candidates residing abroad and those who hold a Master Degree from a foreign university may be refunded up to € 5,000 for documented travel and lodging expenses incurred during the 1st year of Ph.D. due to their moving to Milan.

For more information have a look at the Official brochure or visit the official website here.


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